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“Birth of a new humanity”


This knowledge is new because it arrives for the first time after it was announced before, approximately 5000 years ago, in the previous cycle. Every 5000 years this knowledge disappears and does not reappear until 5000 years after it has appeared. That is why this knowledge is so groundbreaking, because it brings novelty to the global thinking of humanity. When this knowledge can become imbued in the intellect, nothing of the previous concepts learned from humans seem relevant.

This staging of this new knowledge, can be given a name: “birth of a new humanity.” And, in this line we can also say that, in one way or another, “is born” Who imparts this new way of thinking, well, what is first, the chicken or the egg? To be born is to appear for the first time and this also happens in terms of knowledge: it is born or appears for the first time every 5000 years, the duration of the world cycle.

Human beings are born from a human matrix, where the body that is generated grows until having the correct configuration to be able to appear in the world and keep growing; That Being who gave that knowledge, 5000 years ago, also had to “be born” in the physical world in order to teach it. But He does not do it like human beings, but He is born in a different way: -from a fully formed human being, more than adult, old and experienced in life- Because He is always incorporeal, that is, without body of property, and, to teach bodily beings you need a bodily medium, but there can not be intelligible communication.

What is this knowledge that completely upsets the consciousness that humanity has been cultivating for 2500 years (half cycle of the world)? Who is the one who is “born” in this way to awaken this sleeping conscience of humanity? Why is there a need to change the paradigm? All this is answered with a universal name: God. He is the Being that reappears every cycle (5000 years) to illuminate the consciences of all of us. His knowledge has been remembered as the Gita (the jewel of all the scriptures, from which all arise), but, as happens with things that happen, that are losing their authenticity with the passage of time and through the transmission from mouth to mouth transforming into legends that are not true, the same has happened with the original versions of the knowledge of God, the Gita. Through a few additions it has lost its authenticity.

Now “Shiv Jayanti” is celebrated: the anniversary of the “special birth” of God. This is only celebrated in India, because this special event only happens there. In about two and a half months, India dresses up as a big party. They say that God was born in the form of Krishna, because that’s what the Gita says; made legend and therefore not precise. Since God, the Supreme Soul, can not pass through the cycle of birth and death as we do, and, Krishna is like us a human being, if God was born and had to grow, he would also forget as we forget and do not remember anything of our birth and growth process until about 5 years of age. That is why He does not do it this way, otherwise he would not remember what he was born for and could not give us knowledge, and humanity could not transcend itself.

He comes every 5000 years and teaches us all the secrets of the history and geography of the world and gives us instructions to transform us through the power of yoga, Raja Yoga. Every 5000 years it establishes Paradise on Earth, through the change of the paradigm that works in the intellect of humans Its knowledge. This happens when the world cycle is about to end, about one hundred years before this happens. And, now, this event is celebrated, the coming of God on Earth; in 2018 approximately 81 years ago that He returned to “be born” using the body of Prajapita Brahma, a human being in his retirement stage, very experienced, rich due to his activity of jeweler, who, in understanding what was happening to him, he left everything to be able to facilitate God’s work through his body. This is a difficult question to understand for the Western mind, not accustomed to the spiritual aspects of human nature.

Here, I have broadly condensed some news that if we reduce them even a little more, we could leave them in a single headline: “Reviewing accounts! If He # is born # 100 years before the world is transformed .., we only there are 19 approx., to try to change our way of doing and thinking “. But beware! There is not so much time left to be able to imbue this knowledge with the proper calm. When the “works” arrive …, we can only think of the upheaval that is supposed to adapt to such “reforms”. Have you ever suffered works at home? Well, if that’s the case, you know what I’m talking about. Now there is still a little time to learn, then …, we can not even think. That is why it is necessary that this knowledge has become natural in us before “that”.

One comment on ““Birth of a new humanity”

  1. 848
    Novembre 4, 2022

    Very energetic article, I lovedd that bit. Wiill there bbe a par 2?


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