luminiscències 2013/2023

Tu pensamiento construye tu realidad

What do you really want?


At some point in our lives, we may feel a flash of something that we do not know how to identify, but that is familiar to us. But, if we do not recognize it completely and all we want is to feel it over and over again, we will stay there, at this point and that’s it.

POINTS 3/9/18: * There is no benefit in having just one flash. Some want to know a way to be at peace. You will find peace in the supreme abode. There are three lands: one is peace, the other is happiness, and the third is the land of sorrow. What do you really want? *

Yes, the truth is that we have to ask ourselves what we really want. Now is a special moment because we are reaching the end of the world cycle. When we arrive, three doors will open: that of peace, that of happiness and that of sorrow. One is where we will all go now, leaving the last body we had in the 5000 year cycle: nirvana, the supreme abode, the paramdam …, different names for the same place. The second place is that same Earth already renewed after the last and final shaking: the so-called paradise where very few souls will take perfect bodies and peace and happiness will fill everything. And the third door will take us to that same land but after having remained in the residence of souls after here, which was paradise, 2500 years have passed and there is no trace of that perfection, that is, on earth of sorrow, in this same land of now. Where do we want to go?


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