luminiscències 2013/2023

Tu pensamiento construye tu realidad


Someone may come to the conclusion that against more things one possesses more slave than one is. Even so, we are carrying possessions of all kinds throughout our lives.

Sometimes they are things that we buy because they attract us, sometimes they are gifts with which they have given us, others are memories that we keep as a treasure, and, also utensils that are needed for the development of life, other times possessive relationships, etc. .., but, all this is making the bale increasingly heavy. If we had to make a transfer of housing …, what would happen? Nor do we want to think about it!

BLESSING 06/11/2018: * May you be free from all bondage and, remaining beyond any bodily consciousness, be an angel that flies. * The earth of bodies is body awareness, so, when you have become angels, how could you come in the field of bodies? Angels can not be attracted by the gravity of the earth. If you stay below, the hunters will chase you. So, no matter how beautiful a golden box might be, you still do not have to be caught by it.. Be free at all times get rid of any link and go to the flying state.

I have seen a television program that deals with mini houses: people have the thought of changing the way of life and they decide to build a tiny transportable house [maximum of 20 m²] And here they have a big problem: how to choose from everything arranged in the old house, the essential thing to live. Their faces are a whole poem when they make the choice; there is pain, anguish, impotence …, they feel so captured by all their belongings …! After passing the test, their expressions are of relief, of having freed themselves from a heavy load. They seem to feel himselve like birds that can now fly.

The golden boxes can be the material belongings, but there are also those that weigh us down and enslave us and are not seen with our eyes, they are perceived with our hearts. These ties catch us on the fly when we had thought we were free or when we had decided to be free. If we want to feel light as angels do not have to be dazzled by lights that promise what they can not offer. The only Light that does not ballast is the Point of Light, God. If we cling to this single tie, the strings that keep us tied will be cut. Everything else is nothing but beautiful mirages, golden cages to imprison birds without they realizing it. You can also love without being trapped. Everything is a matter of not wanting to own, or be possessed.



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