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Tu pensamiento construye tu realidad

Pure vibrations are now needed.

Pure vibrations are now needed

giphy♦ We can only give something when it have something.
♦ The best donation is the one given with generosity and love.
♦ The biggest donation is the one that, in an unknown way, sent to the world in the form of vibrations.
♦ Where can we provide us the best vibrations that heal the human spirit and the elements, of which everything is formed, worldwide? Of the Source that never runs out; call him God, Universe, Spirit, Supreme Soul, Mother, or, Father.

Let us have this generosity for the world, for the planet, and send these prime vibrations where they are most needed; first we will feel full of them and then we can spread them everywhere:

For a few moments let’s forget all the daily routines and make a parenthesis to connect with the Source – let’s sit comfortably focusing our attention on our breathing and thus calm the speed of thoughts automatically –

… I breathe …, I expire …, several times feeling the freshness of the air entering the lungs …, and feeling like I release it hot having fed our body with oxygen …,
…, thoughts are already slowing down …, I am calm …, I am concentrated inside myself …, I feel that calm that is within me …, now is when I can connect with the Source …., I visualize a Point of Light like a Sun …, I feel its vitalizing rays come to me …, I feel these pure vibrations as it floods me to the last cell …., as I they fill up the last corner of the soul …, now I am already full of vibrant light …, from where I am, I let this energy expand outwards …, I am like this for as long as I want, feeling how the energy of this Sun comes to meand as I send it to the world, to the Planet, to all people …

This meditation allows us to fill ourselves and be able to give an energy that will not empty us, because the Source with which we have connected before, is inexhaustible, and, the fact of giving it when it reaches us, creates a divine circle, between us and the Source, of receiving and giving. Doing it early in the morning is very effective; it fills us with energy for the whole day, and doing it during the day, a few minutes from time to time, maintains this divine circle and benefits the world and ourselves.

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