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Tu pensamiento construye tu realidad

Reflection on today’s phrase of Dadi Janki

janki-llegint“To accept everything as it is and be happy” …

-What I can not change is going to cut my conscience down to reduce my happiness to dust; whether it is from my interior or something that I do not like from the outside. What I have to do, to do it without delay, but what is not within my reach, is that it does not concern me; therefore, “I accept”, as something that, is in the drama and inner happiness is not damaged.-



2 comments on “Reflection on today’s phrase of Dadi Janki

  1. Jack
    Març 18, 2018

    Ⲛicely liike Mommy said, wһеn wе love each other
    and love the ᴡorld that Јesus diedd foг, that?s a sort
    of worshiⲣ. Once we tаke into consideration God and
    listen to the ѕertmon or in Sunday Colⅼege, that?s
    a method of woгshipping as a result of we are
    learning hoԝ nice Ԍod is and He likes tһat. Or after we sit around and tell
    each other what the best tһings abⲟut God are.
    Yοu know how much үou want hearing folks saү how smat or cute you boys are?

    Well Ԍod lіkes after we talk collectively aboսt hоw
    great he is.? Dаddy answered.


  2. Retroenllaç: Dadi Janki 104 d’ales d’àngel//104 angel wings//104 de alas de ángel. | lumminiscències

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