luminiscències 2013/2022

Tu pensamiento construye tu realidad



The Great Spiritual Mother is God. He, as Mother, enables us to learn to transform the soul almost without realizing it. Since his great virtue is the love he has for his children, spirits and His great firmness that gives him to be a holder of the Truth.

If I remember the perfection of learning, the image of my mother 8036e8bef7f1e536d19768db1048e46ccomes to me in particular: in her there was firmness and a great love for me, her little daughter, (now I also remember her funny chases behind me, around the table.., but what really remains… is his love and firmness, his wisdom). She never demanded that I do anything, and yet I did it; I even learned to cook just by watching with the love that she did it.

Our Great Spiritual Mother reminds us that we have forgotten her; She recommends that we reconnect with her because that is how we will know her. We got an idea of ​​what God is like, through writings of seconds, thirds, fourths, and who knows how more they added; you know… the name of God was a tool and other times a powerful weapon, used to control and even annihilate entire peoples in His name. Now, He tells us it is time to meet Him again withoutfotos i vídeos India i altres 2018 010 the influence of others .

Grod says: “Remember Me alone” This means that we leave behind everything we have learned from how they have told us that is God, from so many centuries until now. God says: “Be aware that you are souls, just as I am a soul, there is no difference between Me and you, the children, in that, we are infinitesimal points of pure light, only that you are born in bodies through a matrix and I do not.” This is the only way we can connect with Him, and appreciate the beauty, firmness and love of the Great Spiritual Mother and thus, learn to become as we had been: as God.



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