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The meetings

The meetings
In its beginnings the meetings were very close, Baba was at the distance of stretching out his hand, and there were only a few dozen children around the Father. Later, there were already several hundred and already, the distance distanced his physical presence. After several years, the increase in attendance at the Encounters made it necessary to create a Great Hall in which thousands could fit; the instrument that presided over them also changed: Dadi Gulzar began to be the receptacle of BapDada, but the children, instead of becoming disenchanted, still gathered more and more. I had the fortune to attend in person, 8 years ago, one of those Encounters, in which, in addition to being an effervescent crowd of love for God of some 30,000 souls/people, there were also those who connected online from all over the world. With the global pandemic, the system had to change again due to contagion restrictions, and also because Dadi Gulzar was flew; the meetings were deferred with the attendance only of the residents of Madhuban and India. Foreigners, they was assisteing online. And I daresay right now, the Meetings it’s gather a few hundred thousand of us around the screens right now. In the immediate future, surely, not even this Meeting in this system, perhaps it will not be possible either. But one thing is very clear: the enthusiasm and the desire to meet Him, instead of being diminished by obstacles, has made us resistant and adaptable, and has enabled us to make subtle Encounters possible when the physical Encounter is no longer possible nor the online. In fact, it is becoming more and more evident that the practice of daily meditation makes possible a daily Encounter with Him, the Father of the soul, and at the same time, all the souls that we are, in this state, when we are concentrated and meditating , we are connected globally in a subtle way, through the nexus of God.

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