luminiscències 2013/2022

Tu pensamiento construye tu realidad

//Beings of light-Anthology//


  • Atemporal Beings

When we fully integrate into the state of meditation we can have the experience of the relativity of time; since, in this concentrated state, it can have the feeling of having spent a lot of time, when, in fact, only one minute has elapsed on the clock.

In this state of total concentration we enter into our real nature, in what we really are: the soul, the being of light for which time does not exist due to being installed in non-time, eternity: atemporal existence, that is, installed in immortality, because only the body, matter, has an expiration date, for which the time acts.

  • Children of God?baixa-1

If You, the Supreme Soul, are eternal, and, we, the souls that incarnate, are eternal, why do you say that we are Your children, Your loving creation, if we have always existed and never been created? It has been said that you are the Creator, the Seed.

We, the beings of light, when born in bodies forget what we are due to repeated births. You have no body of your own; you are never born, and therefore all the knowledge remains intact in You; as the seed has all the information of the tree that will be, You have the clear information of who you are and what we are: beings of light. That is why you create in us the awareness of who we are, after having forgotten everything. This is how the new creation of the consciousness of the new humanity there are. As Your creation, we are in this way Your children.

As if we had suffered amnesia, discovering in us what and who we are, and continuing to instill it in us, it is as if we were born again. You give birth to the new human consciousness. You free us from ignorance and we find again our original essence of being beings of peace: The new humanity.

  • Human divinity


160.- I like to think that as a soul I am a child of God, because that way I recover a little the divinity that corresponds to me and I move away from mediocrity. If I am a child of God, I am divine. It reassures me to think that all and not only one are children of the Father as the Catholic religion instilled in me, because this left me an orphan and stripped of divinity. Now, with the study of Raja Yoga, I have regained the Mother and the Father and the awareness of being part of the great family of beings of light that makes up all humanity has been opened. If we look into each other’s eyes again with the divine sincerity of being brothers of light, souls, all we, absolutely, we will lose our misgivings and another world will be possible.

  • Filling with hopeeffects-e1573801450297

Let us be fully aware that now the world is to be filled with hope

POINTS 11/15/19: * Anyone who remains worried here cannot be an instrument for propagate light. *

We are the beings of light that inhabit the body that has been given to us. Just as God is light, we are light. This spiritual light-energy that we are, now has to be spread through vibrations of thoughts, of words, of actions. We will see things that will get us out of our light, so it is vitally important not to disconnect from the Source from which we nourish ourselves, from God. Only a thought towards Him.., and all darkness vanishes from me and the world.

Can you get an idea of what it represents if this light reaches the critical number needed for the change?


It is said that we are not made of matter, that we are light; but this affirmation is very diffuse, too general to understand it. You have to dig a little deeper to extract the benefit.

The blessing of today is: “May you be personifications of light”

The firefly are and they are only insects …, that we could not be us if we propose it?

Fireflies In Jar On Window Sill With Night SkyFor this, today we are advised: “You must practice constantly seeing on the forehead of each one, a shining star, see the body but do not notice it.”

Maybe somebody will be able to perceive it physically (God gives visions to those who need it), but only the fact of thinking that the one before us is simply a being of light within that body, and that in the end it is like us: beings of Peace …, it is already recognizing the light that we are, and, this, the miracle of love works.

  • Beings of light

What need is there to be conscious of being a soul? Why is insisting so much now that we separate the perception of being a soul from that of being a body?

POINTS 07/05/18: * Only once, in this last birth, do you become aware of the soul. * You have to become conscious of the soul because now you have to detach yourself from your body and come to Me.

Since the beginning of the new cycle of the Earth: the day 1, the month 1, the year 1, the 5000 years that lasts, each being of light (soul) that comes down from the home (nirvana) and enters a body , it no longer returns to nirvana and continues to be reborn on Earth in different bodies during these 5000 years, different from each other.

The first beings of light that experience life on Earth, at the beginning of the new cycle, are called deities because they come with intact purity in a world already renewed also intact.13495322_874645302666918_6892186368758442930_n Now this same intact world is no longer, it has degraded as we can see, it has aged, and so have we; Although we are born in a baby body, this body no longer has the same vitality and health that had the bodies of babies 5000 years ago. That is why the Mother / Father of us, the beings of light, insists so much and does not tire of repeating it constantly, that we have to awaken to the consciousness that we are the soul and not the body since now it is the last birth of everyone here on Earth, because we are at the door of a great change and all the beings of light, when leaving the body, we have to return to our home for the first time since 5000 years ago, as it is repeated eternally. We are no longer reborn here: when it is have to make general reforms in a house, the inhabitants have to go somewhere else.


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