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Why the fatherhood of God?

If we put aside the beliefs of what we are according to the changing roles that we have developed throughout life, such as: being a son, father, mother, profession, studies, status, religion, etc., what remains of us , of my self? A nucleus that is always the same throughout my life; I am the one who was born one day and became aware of himself. And this core is the energy that keeps the body alive. I was born through physical beings that have formed that body, but I, the energy, the soul, who has formed it? The body is changing throughout life, it develops and takes different forms, from the baby to the elderly. The soul not, it is always the same; it’s always me. When the soul leaves the body it does not stop being (now some scientists are beginning to consider it). Well, who has formed the structure of this energy? Nobody; it always exists and has always existed. Therefore, why do all religions ascribe the fatherhood of all of us to God: the Mother and the Father?
When the day is over we go to sleep, we close our eyes and stop acting; it’s like we died In the morning we wake up, we open our eyes; it is as if we were born. It is in this birth, awakening, that the spiritual concept of being born of the Mother/Father, God, is based. Well, it is in these moments that He makes us realize our true identity, makes us realize that we are a soul within a body and not a body that has a soul. He explains to us only in these times, that we are a spiritual energy that has the same virtues that He has, with the only difference that He is never born in his own body, but enters an already old body to be able to explain us, directly, all these concepts to wake us up from the deep sleep we have slept in for centuries.
This awakening is like being born. This is the paternity of God, it awakens us to the consciousness of being a soul, it makes us be born, it makes us open our eyes to another reality. This awakening/being born happens every 5000 years, when we become aware of what we are: we are like Him, God, but we are not Him, God. We adopt Him as Mother/Father and He adopts us as children because He guides us. Hence the fatherhood of God in all religions. The soul is never created, it always exists. The why God awakens us, makes us be born, is another issue; now it would be too long, although it has already been explained in other reflections.

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